Cygnet Institute is a non-profit organization that specializes in adult financial literacy. Its educational programs are based on principles researched, developed and field tested by Cygnet Financial Planning, Inc., a pioneer in the development of financial planning systems and services since 1982. As a non-profit educational entity, Cygnet Institute and its programs are NOT a marketing front for the sale of financial services or products. Cygnet Institute's charter prohibits accepting or referring program participants as clients, for any purpose.
Cygnet Institute’s experiential learning systems are designed to engage workshop participants in an interactive, self-completing process during which they create their own financial plan and other related documents based on their own personal financial information while maintaining absolute confidentiality.

Our classroom and online modules can be customized to fit any organization’s particular needs. The resulting impact of the process is a productivity boost for organizations that establishes and reaffirms the link for employees between the attainment of personal goals and the goals of their employer.


If you would like to know more about The Cygnet Institute Financial Literacy Program for your personal needs or on behalf of your organization, please use the mail button below:

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Cygnet Institute of Personal Financial Literacy
4139 W. Walton Blvd., Suite C7
Waterford, MI 48329
Phone: 248.330.7074

Clients & Workshops (Partial List)

  • GM Powertrain

  • UAW Tuition Assistance Plan

  • Amerisure

  • Foundation Coal

  • Walsh College

  • Hispanic Outreach Services

What People Say About the Program

“Career goals and expected incomes were matched up with lifestyle projections for the first time. This adds a sense of direction in terms of salary and position. . . Well thought out course!”

“Too bad this course is not mandatory. It is an eye-opener and creates a positive feeling towards my job. ”

“This course brought to light the need for a plan and periodic review to adjust for the changes in career/family spending/saving.”

“I feel more confident that I have control over my finances; that I can ride out and adjust to factors that are not in my control.”